Global Markets Entity Identifier (GMEI) Utility

The Global Markets Entity Identifier (GMEI) utility is DTCC's legal entity identifier solution offered in collaboration with SWIFT. The GMEI utility is a pre-Local Operating Unit of the Global Legal Entity Identifier System (GLEIS).

The GMEI utility creates and assigns globally accepted Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) in a standard format (ISO 17442). The system validates the accuracy of the associated reference data and stores all the information in a public database free for all to use and redistribute. The information afforded by the GMEI utility is a critical tool for helping regulators and market participants understand exposures, enhance market transparency and manage systemic risk.

Among the key functions the GMEI utility supports are:

Register an entity:

  • The registered entity will be visible on the GMEI utility staging database once registration is completed.
  • The record will then undergo review by the validation team, who will update the Record State.
  • Upon completion of the validation review, an LEI will be assigned and the results listed on the GMEI utility portal.
  • Users requesting an LEI on behalf of a client or other party must obtain that party's authorization prior to registering on their behalf.

Search existing LEI registrations:

  • Search the full set of LEI registrations that have completed validation and have an assigned LEI.
  • Search the full set of LEI registration requests that are awaiting LEI assignment on our staging database.
  • Add filtering criteria to make your search results more relevant.

Maintain or Challenge an LEI record:

  • Users should return to the GMEI utility portal and maintain the records they have registered any time the reference data changes and at least once per year.
  • Users can challenge any data associated with any record whether or not they registered it.

Download files:

  • Users can access files at no cost. Files can be accessed directly through the portal or via the FTP interface.
  • Thirty days of GMEI issued database files are available, in standard GMEI and Common File formats.
  • Staging database files are also available.